Ho Sung has been working in the tattoo industry since 2015, specializing in neo-traditional oriental art. Ho Sung custom designs modern tattoos based on Asian cultural mythologies and borrowing the roots of traditional Asian tattoos. The tattoos designs are limitless and unique to fit the client’s body and vision.

About the Artist

Ho Sung was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea before immigrating to Toronto in Canada. Ho Sung graduated from Sheridan College in Ontario, with a BA in Animation and minor in Graphic Design in 2012.

Ho Sung is proud to reside and work in Burnaby, the ancestral and unceded homelands of the hən̓q̓əmin̓əm̓ and Sḵwx̱wú7mesh speaking peoples.

Hosung Tatoo artist
Tattoo drawing


Consultations are done in-person. Please allot up to two hours for a full consultation. During our consultation, we’ll discuss designs, placement and size and create a template drawn directly on your skin.

You can submit a consultation form here.

A deposit is required to secure your first tattoo session and to start the process of designing your tattoo.

A two (2) hour deposit is non-refundable and will be deducted off the final session of your tattoo.

If you violate the tattoo and cancellation policy, the deposit will be considered forfeited. A new two (2) hour deposit will be required to secure your next tattoo session.

For small tattoos (anything less than four (4) hours to complete), please email [email protected] for more information on how deposits work.

There will be a courtesy reminder email of your tattoo session four (4) days prior to your tattoo session. Please note, it is a courtesy reminder, it is ultimately up to you to remember the date and time of your tattoo appointment.

Rescheduling your appointment is accepted 48 hours prior to your appointment, with a maximum of two occurrences. If you cancel more than two times, the deposit is forfeited and a new deposit is required to secure your next booking.

If you cancel your appointment with less than 48 hours notice, no-show to your appointment, arrive at your appointment impaired or unprepared to be tattooed, the deposit is forfeited and a new deposit is required to secure your next booking.

Please note, the only acceptable way to cancel your appointment is by email to [email protected]

Please make sure to bring a piece of ID with you for every tattoo appointment. A Waiver Form must be completed in full before the tattoo procedure.

To maximize your tattoo appointment, please do not consume alcohol 24 hours prior to your tattoo session.

You can have up to three (3) booked tattoo sessions at a time; tattoo sessions must be at least 14 days apart.

After the tattoo procedure, please stay in the studio for 15-30 minutes for your tattoo to cool off. For wrapping, there are one of two choices:

  • A. Tattoo is wrapped with petroleum jelly and plastic wrap or

  • B. Bandage (polyurethane acrylic adhesive medical bandage) 

  • When client returns home, immediately remove the plastic wrap and dispose of it 

  • Take a shower with warm or cold water, but avoid directly splashing water or applying soap onto a tattoo (skin) area 

  • With cold or warm water, use your hands to gently rub the tattoo area; ensure to wash away any dried blood, plasma, ink and petroleum jelly. 

  • If you do use soap, it is recommended you use unscented, antibacterial soap 

  • Gently pat dry your tattoo with a clean and soft towel.

  • Apply a thin layer of unscented lotion. 


  • Leave the bandage on for two- three days. If any kind of irritation occurs, remove the bandage immediately. 

  • You can shower with the bandage, but avoid a hot shower or bath. 

  • Avoid extreme exercising or any activity that may cause you to perspire. 

  • After removing the bandage, take a shower with lukewarm water, gently using your hands to wash your tattoo with unscented soap. 

  • Gently pat dry your tattoo with a clean and soft  towel.

  • Apply a thin layer of unscented lotion. 

Remember to  wash your tattoo once or twice a day, with lukewarm water and unscented soap. In addition, gently apply a thin layer of unscented lotion as needed. Wear sun-protective clothing whenever you go outside. If an irritation is to occur, please see a doctor. 


  • Scratch or pick at scabs of the tattoo - this will cause scarring 

  • Let your pets, children, spouse, yourself or anyone lick your tattoo

  • Apply scented soap or lotion 

  • Over moisturizing the tattoo

  • Consume alcohol while tattoo is healing

  • Wear tight clothing over the tattoo

  • Go swimming or immerse your body in water (showers are fine) 

  • Apply sunscreen/sunblock to the tattoo

Your tattoo may take anywhere between 2 - 4 weeks to heal.

Our Location

Currently a resident artist at Dutchman Tattoos
7521 6th Street, Burnaby B.C.
Walk-ins are welcomed at Dutchman Tattoos.

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